Client: Salvation Army
Art Director: Graeme van Jaarsveld
Photographer: Merwelene van der Merwe

"The Brief: 
Sex slavery laws in this country are relatively non-existent. Thousands of woman and children fall prey to sex offenders and often find themselves stuck in a very dark place.
The major issue is that not many people are aware that this even happening. 
Our brief was to create awareness around human trafficking and sex slavery through maximum impact on all those that are attending Sexpo 2013, without forcing people to hear our message.  

The Idea: 
We created a typeface that looks like interesting sex positions. What looked like another porn shop in the mix, had a very serious statement to make. When taking a closer look one can see that the women in the typeface are in fact sex slaves that are in bondage. 
They are abused, beaten and bruised. The typeface became a powerful medium in aid of anti-human trafficking and sex slavery, where the public got involved and signed a petition against sex slavery and human trafficking. No offensive nudity could be shown. 

The Results:
The response from all those that attended was overwhelming. 
During the four day event we managed to get over 4000 names on our petition.
The Salvation Army stand got free news coverage and with the help of social media The Salvation Army cause trended on twitter. The activation gave spark to debates on various  social platforms.   " - Graeme van Jaarsveld
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