With plasticine and finger painting have lost their charm, the caption of the ruling party's kindergarden class that has taken to throwing tantrums about nationalising the mines.Clearly he thinks that diomonds(and gold for that matter) are a boy's best friend. And who can blame him when even the mst level-headed of souls is sent into paroxysms of jealousy at the sight of a jewel-encrusted chronometer on a colleagues wrist. Despite an ever-expanding property portfolio, Juju has also been vociferous in his support for expropriation. Feel free to follow his example, but be warned: trying to requisition your mate's Plett beach house makes for some impolite dinner conversation.
For the idle rich, all play and no work is surely a tempting proposition. However, in these uncertain times, it's not worth blowing that nest egg on insatiable consumption. As the aftershocks of the downturn still ripple across the country,the sparkling world of cut flowers, starched linen and G&Ts can easily evaporate in the harsh glare of decrepitude.
Power is an aphrodisiac. Or is it? The sexual assault allegations that ended Dominique Strauss-Kahn"s career at the International Monetary Fund suggest otherwise.Nevertheless, with a progeny of 20 at last count and a string of extramarital affairs under his belt, it's evident that Msholozi, aka Jacob Zuma, certainly hasn't lost his mojo. There's no denying that our public figures are a hot blooded bunch, however much they try to hide their misdemeanours behind the fig leaf of privacy rights. Whether it's washed-up rugby players with memoirs to flog our deputy presidents with a wandering eye, the allure of the illicit proves time and time again to be irrisistible.
It's hard for many to accept the passing of time. Eternal youth remains elusive, but its plumped and preened parody is very much available for those who can afford it. Although there are no official plastic surgery stats available for SA, the Taut skin and shapely bulges on display at some of our chicest boutiques and cafe make it clear that it's not only European medical tourists who are making the most of this country's fine doctors.
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