Enjoy our second photo essay in which we are celebrating two installations from our Afrika Burn 2015 journey.
The first installation "Subterrafuge" created by "Group X" was built for Afrika Burn 2014. The wind conditions were too strong to burn and thus was burnt this year. Subterrafuge was created as an attempt to comment on and raise awareness and resistance, not only to the fracking of the Karoo but to all selfish profit driven destruction of the last few areas of natural wonder still left on the planet. 
The second installation is ìThe Clanî. The artists include: Afrika, Benny
, Davish, Duncan, Isa, James, Jeff, Julia, Karel,Kobus, Koekie, Kosie, Lollie, Nathan, Quinton & Rico. 
The Clan is usually the largest Burn taking place in Tankwa Town. From Sutherland to Tankwa. A Place to meet. A place to share.  
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